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250mm WR250R Rotor for

Brand: MC Motor Parts

This rotor is 250mm in dioameter (same as the WR250 R) but, the rotor bolt pattern is the same as the WR250X.

So, if you have a "R" and want to put "X" wheels on it, this is the perfect rotor for the stock front "X" wheel.

No need to purchase  a "X" caliper, brake line, master cylinder and lever (unless you want to bleed your brakes evry time you swap from offroad to the "X" supermoto wheels. It is a saving of around $300.00

The rear wheel hubs and wheel spacers are the same on the "R" and "X".

The front wheel spacers are the same on the "R" and "X" as well.

Includes 6 x 8mm rotor bolts.

Price: $70.00