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4-Piston Caliper /320mm Rotor for WR250X

I'm not sure if it's been done before using a "stock" WR250X front wheel, (rotor bolt pattern/spacing different)but it has now! Thanks to Jerry at Motomaster USA for helping with research and communications with Motomaster in Holland! So, if you own a WR250R , and come across a set of WR250X wheels, now you can install this caliper/ rotor and have excellent braking power! Remember, you can only go as fast as you can stop! Also, if you own a WR250X, and need some serious braking power, you could install this rotor/caliper, then sell your stock caliper to someone that has a "stock" WR250X front wheel with a "stock" rotor(300mm).They may want to install it on their WR250R and don't feel they need the Motomaster 320mm rotor/4 piston caliper. Call 1-888-274-0886, or e-mail me with any questions!