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ACT Wide Ratio Gear Set

Brand: Miscellaneous

 From the makers of race proven automotive clutches and flywheels, ACT brings you wide ratio gear sets for the Suzuki DRZ-400 and Kawasaki KLX 400. Although the DRZ-400 is a very versatile machine, the stock gearing does not allow riders to take full advantage of the bike's potential. The stock gearing on the DRZ-400 may work well on trail only use or for city driving, but is far too closely spaced to be practical for dual-sport or highway use. With the abundance of power adders available for these bikes, the close gearing becomes even more apparent. The addition of an ACT Wide Ratio Gear Set will dramatically improve the rider experience and wear and tear on the motor at the same time. ACT Wide Ratio Gear Sets are engineered and manufactured to exact specifications to allow for direct replacement of the factory gears onto the shafts. Modifications are required to two shift forks and the case for proper clearance of the larger fifth gear.

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100WRSZ1 Wide Ratio Gear Set $620.00