Air Filter Bolt

Brand: Zeta

CNC aluminum air filter bolts.

Larger rounded head, with finger grooves, makes it easy to spin the filter bolt.

Red anodized finish with laser printed logo on filter bolt head.

Bolt shaft is made of durable stainless steel.

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ZE59-0302/KX250F'04-,KX450F'06-,RM125'96-'08,RM250'93-'08,RMZ250'07-,RMZ450'05-,YZ125/250'93-,YZ2550F'01-'13,YZ450F'03-'09 $13.95
ZE59-0402/YZ250F'14-,YZ450F'14- $13.95
ZE59-0202/CR125/250R'85-'07,CR500R'85-'01,KX65'00-,KX80/85'91-,KX100'95-,kx125'92-'05,KX250'92-'08,YZ85'02- - Out of stock