DRC EZ Electric Wire Kit

Brand: Dirt Freak

  • easy-to-install electrical parts (excluding headlight, tail light and flashers) for competition bikes
  • installation made easy, even if you have no experience
  • power source for this kit is completely self-contained (using 8 double-AA batteries)
  • no need to "chop" into your wiring harness
  • Moto LED tail lights and flashers are recommended
  • The DRC EZ Electric Wire Kit (SKU:D45-70-052) is a self-contained, plug
    and play kit.

  • It contains:

    Wire Harness / The harness has connectors that will plug into all of the
    parts that are
    provided in the kit. This kit does not include blinkers or a tail light,
    but, the wiring
    for them is in the harness.

    Horn / Plugs into harness

    Main Off/On Switch / Plugs into harness, shuts system off and on.

    Oil Pressure Switches x 2 / install to the  front and rear master
    cylinder, plug into harness.
    Will activate the brake light on your bike. They are not polarity

    IC Horn / Plugs into harness

    Battery Box / Plugs into harness, powers the system (oil pressure
    switches, horn, tail light,
    and 4 blinkers) This will not power a headlight. Needs 8 AA Batteries.

    IC Relay / Acts as a flasher for 4 LED blinkers

    Flasher/Horn Switch / Plugs into harness, contains the horn button to
    activate the horn, blinker switch, and can be wired to control your head
    light with, "low beam" "high beam" and "off".

    There are instructions with a diagram, and some cable ties included with
    the kit.

    The other EZ Electronic Wire kit (D45-70-053 includes 4 blinkers, and a
    tail light. The tail light does not have license plate illumination. If
    you need a tail light that does have plate
    illumination, we have others we can supply.
    Here is a link that shows both of the EZ Electronics Wire Kits:
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