DRC Handlebar Grips


Comfortable grips with waffle texture on bottom and diamond texture on top. Available in open or closed end and gray, black, red or blue.

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D41-04-101/black/closed end $8.95
D41-04-201/black/open end $8.95
D41-04-104/blue/closed end $8.95
D41-04-204/blue/open end $8.95
D41-04-102/gray/closed end $8.95
D41-04-202/gray/open end $8.95
D41-04-103/red/closed end $8.95
D41-04-203/red/open end $8.95
D41-04-206/orange/open end $8.95
D41-04-205/green/open end $8.95
D41-04-106/orange/closed end - Out of stock
D41-04-105/green/closed end - Out of stock