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DRC HC2 Lift Stand

Brand: Dirt Freak

The new and improved HC2 stand has a better safety-catch system. The kick-arm has been redesigned to offer a more stable lift. And it assembles in less than 2 minutes! Available in black or red.

  • top plate is height adjustable to fit under most dirt bikes.
  • top plate has a thick non-slip rubber surface.
  • lever design enables effortless lifting of your machine.
  • damper shock eliminates sudden drop and provides a smooth, safe landing.
  • safety pin locking mechanism helps prevent accidents.
  • fits ground clearance between 250mm and 350mm.
Product Installation Instructions

Please select a product option:

D36-36-081/Replacement base foot set 4 pieces $6.95
D36-36-080/Replacement bolts/nuts $6.95
D36-36-082/Repl. kick arm end caps 2 pieces $6.95
D36-36-084/Replacement lock pin holder $6.95
D36-36-479/Repl. damper set w/ bolts and nuts $15.98
D36-38-311/HC2 stand/black $114.95