DRC Spark Plug Protector

Brand: Dirt Freak

Available in 3 colors and 3 different sizes. The clear cap allows you to identify the plug without opening. High-impact plastic construction.

Please select a product option:

D58-14-017/B-Type/Clear/Black 14mm $4.95
D58-14-015/B-Type/Clear/Blue 14mm $5.95
D58-14-016/B-Type/Clear/Red 14mm $5.95
D58-14-216/C-Type/Clear/Red 10mm $5.95
D58-14-117/D-Type/Clear/Black 12mm $5.95
D58-14-115/D-Type/Clear/Blue 12mm $5.95
D58-14-116/D-Type/Clear/Red 12mm $5.95
D58-14-215/C-Type/Clear/Blue 10mm $5.95