DRC Stainless Brake Pin


- Features an 8mm hex head, allowing quick, and easy brake pad changes. - Comes in a set for each specific configuration. - Made of SUS304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance. - Replacement pins are available.

Please select a product option:

D58-33-035/long 33mm brake pin $1.00
D58-33-091/C-Type 31mm $8.95
D58-33-074/A-Type 52mm $8.95
D58-33-082/B-Type 37mm $8.95
D58-33-095/Brake Pin Clips/ Front-2 pcs/Rear-2pcs $9.95
D58-33-093/C-type 39mm $9.95
D58-33-096/Brake Pin w/Clip Brembo-Front $10.95
D58-33-097/Brake Pin w/Clip Brembo-Rear $10.95
D58-33-313/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs XR50/100Motard'05- $16.95
D58-33-201/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs. YZ250F'01-,YZ450F'03-,WR250F'01-,WR450'03-,XR250/Baja/Motard'95-,KLX250/D-Tracker'98-,WR450F'03-,RMZ250'07-,RMZ450'05-'07 $18.95
D58-33-202/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs. 2019 CRF 450L $18.95
D58-33-221/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs. KX250'04-,KX450F'06-,KX125/250'97-,RMZ250'04-'06 $18.95
D58-33-232/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs WR250R'07- $18.95
D58-33-231/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs WR250X'07- $18.95
D58-33-241/Brake Pin Set/2 pcs 125-530/SX/SX-F/XC/XC-WEXC/EXC-F'00-,TE250'06-,TC250'04-,WR/CR125'07-,TC450'04-'10,TE450'06-'10,TC510'05-'10,TE51010'06-'10,TXC250/450/510'08- $19.95