Forged Shift Lever

Brand: Zeta

Forged lever arm shift lever available from ZETA.

Shift arm is made of A2014 forged aluminum for durability.

Forged arm in black anodized finish.

Foldable shift tip is made of CNC aluminum with knurled finish for better shift grip.

Shift tip is color anodized with ZETA laser print logo.

Available for most motocross and dual sport models.



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ZE90-4062/CRF250R'18-,CRF250RX'19-,CRF450R/RX'17-,CRF450L'19-/Red $26.95
ZE90-4356/YZ250FX'15-,WR250F'15-/Blue $26.95
ZE90-4012/CRF150R'07-/Red $28.95
ZE90-4222/RMZ450'08-,RMX450Z'10-/Red $28.95
ZE90-4326/YZ250F/4450F'14-/Blue $28.95
ZE90-4426/FC450'14-'15,FE250-501'14-/Blue $28.95
ZE90-4042/CRF250L/M'12- CR80R/85R'96-'07,CRF250Rally'17-/Red - Out of stock