Motomaster Flame 298mm Front Rotor

Brand: Motomaster

The Moto-Master Flame Supermoto Racing Disc
is a  298mm floating rotor in Flame
design, utilizing a transparent anodized aluminium inner carrier.

Disc thickness has been increased to 5mm, which allows for no deformation
or fading up to 1,004 degrees Fahrenheit (540C).

This rotor bolts right onto the WR250R front hub. This rotor is 298mm in diameter, which is the same as the WR250X front rotor ! So, if you own a WR250X,  you get a set of WR250R wheels, you could get one of these rotors, and maintain your front brake system. The WR250X front rotor will not fit the WR250R hub. The rear hubs are the same.

Also, if you own a WR250R, and want to upgrade your front brake,  you could use one of these rotors with a WR250X caliper.  The stock front rotor on the WR250R is 250mm in diameter.

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