RX-2 Clamp Kit

Brand: Zeta

SPECIFICATIONS: -Two piece handle bar clamp kit developed for easy installation of over-sized bars (1 1/8") to stock rubber-mounted top clamp. -Specially designed bolts enable three different back and forth positions (stock, stock +/-4mm). -Available for CR, CRF, KX, KXF and WR250R/X. The height is not adjustable. WR250R/X clamp is 10mm higher than stock bar position.

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ZE39-0275/Replacement Bolts Set/75mm $11.95
ZE32-4255/KLX230/R'20-,WR250R/X'07- $50.95
ZE32-4201/SX Bar CR/CRF,KX/KXF 2019 CRF 450L $63.95