Stingray Vented MX Hand Protectors

Brand: Zeta

- Used by Factory Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha in Japan.
- Handlebar clamp style hand protectors fit almost all dirt bikes and ATVs.
- Available 7 factory colors.
- Replacement shells available.

Please select a product option:

ZE74-3201/Replacement Plastic Black $22.95
ZE74-3204/Replacement Plastic Blue $22.95
ZE74-3205/Replacement Plastic CR-Red $22.95
ZE74-3207/Replacement Plastic Flourescent Yellow $22.95
ZE74-3208/Replacement Plastic Green $22.95
ZE74-3209/Replacement Plastic Orange $22.95
ZE74-3210/Replacement Plastic White $22.95
ZE74-3109/Stingray Vent Handguard Orange $44.95
ZE74-3104/Stingray Vent Handguard Blue $49.95
ZE74-3105/Stingray Vent Handguard CR-Red $49.95
ZE74-3107/Stingray Vent Handguard Flourescent Yellow - Out of stock
ZE74-3108/Stingray Vent Handguard Green $49.95
ZE74-3110/Stingray Vent Handguard White $49.95