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Trail Tech Vapor Speedometer/Tachometer

Brand: Miscellaneous

The latest concept in motorsport on-board computation. A combined effort from experts in software, electronics, and mechanical design- each feature of this 4th generation product is carefully crafted and constructed with the off-road enthusiast in mind. Available in silver or black!!

  • Speedometer shows current speed, maximum speed, and displays in mph/kmh
  • Tachometer equipped with real-time rpm bar graph, numeric rpm readout, dual programmable shift lights.
  • Ambient and Engine temperatures, with dual programmable temperature lights.
  • Permanent odometer with adjustable distance.
  • Hour meter, stop watch, ride time, accumulated ride time, permanent hour meter, and clock.

    Fits DRZ '00-'09 and RMZ250/450 '08-'09

Please select a product option:

752-301/black DRZ400 S/E $116.99
752-700/black DRZ400 SM - Out of stock
75-301/silver DRZ400 S/E $116.99