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Z-Carbon Exhaust Heat Shield/Ex-Pipe Guard

Brand: Z-Carbon

Keep your leg and fancy knickers from being singed with the carbon head pipe guard. Available for specific models or universal type. Universal type exhaust pipe fitting diameter is from 26mm to 50mm. Replacement mount kits also available.

Please select a product option:

ZC31-3120 XR250R/Baja/Motard'95-'07 $50.95
ZC31-3160/carbon CRF250'04-09 $50.95
ZC31-3330/carbon RMZ250'07-'17,RMZ450'05-'07 $50.95
ZC31-3360 RMZ450'10-,RMX450Z'10-,US model RMZ450'08- $50.95
AC31-3350/RMZ450'08-'09 $50.95
ZC31-3260/KX450F'10- $50.95
ZC31-3130 CRF150R'07-'17 $56.95
ZC31-3170/carbon CRF450R'06-08, XR230/Motard'08- $56.95
ZC31-3250/carbon KX450F'09 $56.95
ZC31-3150/CRF450R'04'-09,KX250F'04-'09,RMZ250'04-'06 $56.95
ZC31-3180/CRF250R'10- $56.95
ZC31-3241 KX250F'10-'12 $56.95
ZC31-3230 KLX125'10-, D-TRACKER'125'10-'16, KLX150'09-'13 2019 CRF 450L $56.95