Zeta Anodized Pivot Lever Set

Brand: Zeta

- Pivot lever M-type comes with forged lever arm. Lever is specially designed for motocross,ED and off road racing.
- Lever  folds outward to prevent breaking in the event of a crash.
- Automatic lever position restoration provides quick recovery from a crash.
- Ultra precision machine cut lever adapter for super light weight construction,high precision and quality.
- Pivot lever set comes with beautiful anodized colors.
- Available anodized red, blue and orange levers.
- Comes with durable forged 3 finger brake and clutch levers

Please select a product option:

ZE44-4103/Red Brembo TC/TE/WR125-511 $91.95
ZE44-4117/Orange New Magura 125-450SX/EXC-'13 $97.95
ZE44-1112/Blue KX250F/450F'07-'08,YZ250F'07-'08,YZ450F'08 $97.95
ZE44-1113/Red KX250F/450F'13-,YZ125/250'08-,YZ250F'07-'08,YZ450F'08 $97.95
ZE44-2103/Red KX65'00-,KX85'01-,KX125'00-'05,KX250'00-'04,KX250F'04,RMZ250'04,'07-,RMZ450'05- $97.95