Zeta Anodized Replacement Lever

Brand: Zeta

- Lever is specially designed for motocross,ED and off road racing.
- Lever folds outward to prevent breaking in the event of a crash.
- Available in anodized red, blue and orange.

Please select a product option:

ZE41-36003/Replacement Brake Lever Red $27.95
ZE41-36002/Replacement Brake Lever Blue $27.95
ZE41-36007/Replacement Brake Lever Orange $27.95
ZE42-36002/Replacement Clutch Lever Blue $27.95
ZE42-36003/Replacement Clutch Lever Red $27.95
ZE42-36007/Replacement Clutch Lever Orange $27.95
ZE41-36001/Replacement Brake Lever Black $27.95