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Zeta Frame Guard

Brand: Zeta

Provides a flat surface on the motorcycle frame for better foot grips and bike control.

Prevents frame scratches during your ride.

Made of 5000 grade aluminum wi9th ZETA embossed logo.

Please select a product option:

ZE52-0341/YZ250FX'15- $58.95
ZE52-0322/WR250R/X'07- - Out of stock
ZE52-0232/RM85'02- $58.95
ZE52-0032/CRF150R'07- - Out of stock
ZE52-0332/YZ85'02- $58.95
ZE52-0132/KX85'01- $58.95
ZE52-0022 CRF1000L'16- $58.95
ZE52-0019 CRF250Rally'17- $58.95