Zeta Front Disk Guard Mounting Kit

Brand: Zeta

Model specific mounting kit. Required for installation of Z-Carbon front disk guard. Mount bracket is integrated with wheel spacer. This mounting kit works with both the Zeta Front Disk Guard and the Z-Carbon Front Disk Guard.

Includes mounting kit only, front disk guard  is sold separately.

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ZE52-1120/stainless CR125R/250R '04-07, CRF250R/X/450R/X'04-07,CRF250X/450'04 $33.95
ZE52-1100/stainless CRF150R'07- $33.95
ZE52-1270/stainless KLX250'08-, D-TRACKER/X '08- $33.95
ZE52-1520/stainless SX/SXF/EXC/EXCF/XCW/SMR'03- $33.95
ZE52-1220/stainless KX125/250'06-'08,KX250F/450'06 $33.95
ZE52-1320/stainless RMZ250'07-,RMZ450'05 $33.95
ZE52-1610/stainless HuskyTE/TC/WR/CR125-510'09-,SM450-510'09 $33.95
ZE52-1470/stainless WR250R/X'07- $33.95
ZE52-1420/stainless YZ125/250'08-,YZ250F/450'07-,WR250F/450F'06- $33.95
ZE52-1300/stainless RM85'02- $33.95
ZE52-1500/stainless KTM85/105, SX/XC'03- $33.95
ZE52-1180/stainless CRF250L'12- $33.95