Zeta Impact X1 Hand Protectors

Brand: Zeta

  • mounted independently from the perch to allow more positioning options
  • easy to install and fits almost any dirt bike or ATV
  • available in seven colors
  • each kit contains two handguard protectors (left/right) and two mounting brackets

Please select a product option:

ZE74-1101/ black Rep.Plastic X1 $19.95
ZE74-1104/blue Rep.Plastic X1 $19.95
ZE74-1108/green Rep.Plastic X1 $19.95
ZE74-1109/orange Rep.Plastic X1 $19.95
ZE74-1105/red Rep.Plastic X1 $19.95
ZE74-1110/white Rep.Plastic X1 $19.95
ZE74-1107/yellow Rep.Plastic Fl-yellow $19.95
ZE74-0101/black $39.95
ZE74-0104/blue $39.95
ZE74-0108/green $39.95
ZE74-0109/orange $39.95
ZE74-0105/red $39.95
ZE74-0107/yellow $39.95