Zeta Impact X2 Hand Protectors

Brand: Zeta

The new Impact X2 handguards from Zeta. Available in black, white, red, blue, green, orange or yellow. Groove-tonious!

  • 2nd generation of impact handguards.
  • Protect your hands from brush, roots, and branches.
  • Compact shell design.

Please select a product option:

ZE74-1201/black Replacement Plastic $22.95
ZE74-1204/blue Replacement Plastic $22.95
ZE74-1209/orange Replacement Plastic $22.95
ZE74-1205/red Replacement Plastic $22.95
ZE74-1210/white Replacement Plastic $22.95
ZE74-1207/yellow Replacement Plastic $22.95
ZE74-0910/Impact X2 Replacement Mounting Kit $28.95
ZE74-0201/black $49.95
ZE74-0204/blue $49.95
ZE74-0209/orange $49.95
ZE74-0205/red $49.95
ZE74-0210/white $49.95
ZE74-0207/yellow $49.95