Zeta Rotating Bar Clamp

Brand: Zeta

Universal rotating bar clamp. Bolts onto your existing perch. Includes nylon sleeve to insert between the clamp and your bars allowing the perch to rotate upon impact. Made of A7009-T6 aluminum. Available in titanium, red, or blue anodized finish.

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ZE40-1003/Blue Yamaha/Suzuki 4st clutch - Out of stock
ZE40-9113/Blue - Out of stock
ZE40-0101/Titanium with Starter Lever $16.95
ZE40-6003/Blue with Mirror Hole $16.95
ZE40-9112/Red $16.95
ZE40-9111/Titanium $16.95
ZE40-6001/Titanium with Mirror Hole $16.95